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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Genesis...Questions & Answers

Genesis…Basic Questions & Answers
Q. 1. Which is the first book in the Bible?
A. Genesis
Q.2. How many chapters are there in Genesis?
A. 50
Q.3. How many verses are there in Genesis?
A. 1515
Q.4. Which is the longest chapter in Genesis?
A. 24th
Q.5.Which is the shortest chapter in Genesis?
 Questions & Answers
Q. 1. What did moved upon the face of waters?
A. The Spirit of God (1:2)
Q.2 What was there upon the surface of the deep?
A. Darkness (1:2)
Q.3. In Genesis, what was it that God first spoke of?
A. Light (1:3)
Q.4. Which was the first phenomenon that God saw to be good?
A. Light (1:4)
Q.5. What was the name that God gave to darkness?
A. Night (1:5)
Q.6.What was the name that God gave to light?
A. Day (1:5)
Q.7. What was the name that God gave to the firmament?
A. Heaven (1:8)
Q.8 Where did God make a firmament?
A. In the midst of the water (1:6)
Q.9. When/Which dad God make the firmament?
A. Second Day (1:8)
Q.10. What was the name that God gave to the dry land?
A. Earth (1:10)
Q.11. What is the name that God gave to the gathering together of waters?
A. Seas (1:10) 
Q.12. What kind of trees did God make on the third day?
A. The fruit trees yielding fruit after his kind (1:11)
Q.13. Which was the phenomenon that God used to divide the day from the night?
A. Lights in the firmament (1:14)
Q.14. On which day God made the sun and the moon?
A. 4th Day (1:16)
Q. 15. When/which did God create the great creatures of the sea and the birds?
A. On the 5th the day (1:20-21)
Q.16. When/which day was men and animals created?
A. On the 6th day (1:26-30)
Q.17. Which are those days about which God twice saw to be good?
A. 3rd, 6th (1:10, 12, 25,31)
Q.18 In whose images was the man created?
A. God’s (1:26)
Q.19. Who was given the authority to rule over all creations?
A. Man (1:26)
Q.19. How was a man created as?
A. Male and Female (1:27)

 Questions & Answers
Q. 1. Which is the day that God blessed and made it holy?
A. 7th day (2:3)
Q.2 How had the whole surface of the ground been covered with waters before it rained?
A. By the steams that came up from the earth (2:6)
Q.3. A man who didn’t want to be his “brother’s keeper”?
A. Cain (4:9)
Q.4. By what was a man created?
A. By the dust of the ground (2:7)
Q.5. When did man become a living being?
A. When God breathed into his nostrils (2:7)
Q.6.Where did God put man?
A. In a garden in the east of Eden
Q.7. Which were the trees that were in the middle of the Eden garden?
A. The tree of life and the tree of knowledge (2:9)
Q.8 Where was this garden?
A. probably near the present river Euphrates in Asia
Q.9. How many rivers were there to water the Eden garden?
A. One river (2:10)
Q.10. How many headwaters did the river have? Which were they?
A. Four heads water Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, Euphrates (2:11-14)
Q.11. Which is the river that winds through the entire kind of Havilah?
A. Pishon (2:11)
Q.12. Which is the land having gold?
A. Havilah (2:11-12)
Q.13. Which is the river that winds through the entire kind of Cush?
A. Gihon (2:13)
Q.14. Which is the river that runs along the east side of Assur?
A. Tigris (2:14)
Q.15. According to the Bible which is the land that first mentioned about gold?
A. Havilah (2:12)
Q.16. Whom did God put in the Garden of Eden to take care of it?
A. The man (2:5)
Q.17.Why did God put the man in the Garden of Eden? 
A. To work and to take care of it. (2:15)
Q.18 What God said,” It is not good”?
A. The man to be alone (2:18)
Q.19 Who named the creations which God had created?
A. The man (2:19)
Q.20 Who was the first person who falls into deep sleep?
A. Adam (2:21)
Q.21 How was the place, from where God took one of the man’s ribs, closed up?
A With flesh (2:22)
Q.22 Why is she called the woman?
A For she was taken out of man (2:23)
Q.23 Where was the first operation carried out?
A  In Eden (2:22)
Q.24 From where was a woman created by God?
A From man (2:22) 
 Questions & Answers
Q. 1. Which are the wild animals that is more crafty than any others?
A. The serpent (3:1)
Q.2 “You shall not surely die” who said this to whom?
A. The serpent to the woman (3:4)
Q.3. Who asked the first question in the Bible?
A. The serpent (3:1)
Q.4. The first person who lied in human history?
A. Eve (3:3)
Q.5. What in peculiarity that the woman saw in the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was good?
A. Good for food, pleasing to the eye, desirable for gaining wisdom (3:6)
Q.6.Whose eyes were opened when the fruit was eaten?
A. The eyes of both Adam and Eve (3:6)
Q.7. Which is the knowledge that men got soon after they ate the fruit?
A. They realized that they were naked (3:7)
Q.8 Is the tree of life ever mentioned again in scripture?
A. In Revelation (2:7; 22:1)
Q.9. What did Adam and Eve use to make a covering for them?
A. The fig tree (3:7)
Q.10. When did the Lord God walk in the garden?
A. In the cool of the day or in the evening (3:8)
Q.11. How did Adam and Eve know that the Lord had come to the garden in the evening?
A. They heard the sound of the Lord walking (3:8,10)
Q.12. Who was the first person who's afraid?
A. Adam (3:10)
Q.13. Who hid among the trees of the garden?
A. Adam and Eve (3:8)
Q.14. Who told that you were naked? Who said this to whom?
A. God Adam (3:11)
Q. 15. Who deceived the woman?
A. The Serpent (3:14)
Q.16. Who cursed the serpent?
A. God (3:14)
Q.17. Which were the creature that was cursed above all the livestock and all the wild animals?
A. The Serpent (3:14)
Q.18 Which is the creature that eats dust?
A. The Serpent (3:14)
Q.19. On whose account was the ground cursed?
A. Man (3:17)
Q.19. Which are the plants that the earth produced when it was cursed?
A. Thrones and thistles (3:18)
Q.20 Who is known as the mother of all the living?
A. Eve (3:20)
Q.21 What is the name that Adam gave to his wife?
A. Eve (3:20)
Q.22 Who made garments of skin for the first time?
A. God (3:21)
Q.23 Why were Adam and Eve banished from the Garden of Eden?
A. For eating from the tree of life (3:22)
Q.24 who did God place instead of men in the ‘garden of Eden of guard it?
A. Cherubim
Q.25 What was there along with the cherubim to guard the Garden of Eden?
A. A flaming sword flashing back and forth (3:24)
Q.26 Why as the cherubim placed in the Garden of Eden as guards?
A. To guard the way to the tree of life (3:24)
 Questions & Answers
Q. 1. Who were the first parents?
A. Adam and Eve (4:1)
Q.2 Who was Cain’s mother?
A. Eve (4:1)
Q.3. Who was Cain’s brother?
A. Abel (4:2)
Q.4. What was Cain?
A. Farmer (4:2)
Q.5. Who was the shepherd?
A. Abel (4:2)
Q.6.On whose offering did the Lord look with favors?
A. Abel’s (4:4)
Q.7. The first man who became angry?
A. Cain (4:5)
Q.8 “If you do what is right will you not be accepted”? Who said this to whom?
A. The Lord to Cain (4:7)
Q.9. Adam was the first man, but who died first?
A. Abel (4:8)
Q.10. Who was the first martyr?
A. Abel (4:8)
Q.11. Who was the first murderer?
A.  Cain (4:8)
Q.12. “Am I my brother’s keeper”? Who said this to whom?
A. Cain to the Lord (4:7)
Q.13.Whose blood cried out to the Lord from the ground?
A. Abel’s (4:9)
Q.14. The man who died first?
A. Abel (4:8)
Q. 15. Which is the first mentioned mark in the Bible?
A. The mark on Cain put by the Lord (4:15)
Q.16. Why did the Lord put a mark on Cain?
A. So that no one could kill him (4:15)
Q.17. Which was the place where Cain went from the Lord’s presence and lived in?
A. Nod (4:16)
Q.18 Who was Cain’s first Son?
A. Enoch (4:17)
Q.19. Who named the city, which he himself built, after his own son’s name? What was the name?
A. Cain, Enoch (4:17)
Q.19. Who was the first person practiced polygamy?
A. Lamech (4:17)
Q.20 Who were Lamech’s wives?
A. Adah and Zillah
Q.21 Who was the father of those who lived in tents and raises livestock?
A. Jubal (4:20)
Q.22 Who was the father of all those who is playing harp and flute?
A. Jubal (4:21)
Q.23 Who forged first and all kinds of tools out of bronze and iron?
A. Tubal-Cain (4:22)
Q.24 “I have killed a man for wounding me, a young man for injuring me” Who said this?
A. Lamech (4:23)
Q.25 Whose son was Tubal-Cain??
A. Zillah’s (4:22)
Q.26 Who was Tubal-Cain’s sister?
A. Naamah (4:22)
Q.27 Who was the son that was granted to Adam in the place of Abel?
A. Abel (4:25)
Q.28 Who was Seth’s mother?
A. Eve (4:25)
Q.29 Who were the first couple became equally old?
A. Adam and Eve (4:25)
Q.30 At whose time did men begin to call on the name of the Lord?
A. Enoch’s time (4:25)

 Questions & Answers
Q. 1. When did God bless man?
A. One the day of their creation (5:2)
Q.2 How old was Adam when Seth was born to him?
A. 130 (5:3)
Q.3. How many years did Adam live after Seth was born?
A. 800 (5:4)
Q.4. Who were the sons of Adam, known by their names?
A. Cain, Abel, Seth (5:3)
Q.5. How many years did Adam live?
A. 930 years (5:5)
Q.6.How many years did Seth Live?
A. 912 years (5:8)
Q.7. Who was Enoch’s firstborn?
A. Kenan (5:9)
Q.8 How old was Adam when Seth was 50 years old?
A. 180 (5:13)
Q.9. How many years did Enos live?
A. 905 years (5:11)
Q.10. Who was Cainan’s first born?
A. Mahalalel (5:12)
Q.11. How many years did Cainan live?
A.  910 (5:14)
Q.12. Who was Mahalalel’s first born?
A. Jared (5:15)
Q.13.How many years did Mahalalel live?
A. 895 (5:17)
Q.14. In which book cherubim first mentioned in the Bible?
A. In Genesis
Q. 15. Whose face was downcast on being angry?
A. Cain’s (3:24)
Q.16. “Whoever finds me will kill me” who said this?
A. Cain (4:14)
Q.17. Which book in the Bible fist mention about a mark?
A. Genesis (4:15)
Q.18 Where is Nod situated?
A. To the east of Eden (4:16)
Q.19. How old was Jared when Enoch was born to him?
A. 162 (5:18)
Q.19. Who was Jared’s father?
A. Mahalalel (5:15)
Q.20 How long did Jared lived?
A. 962 (5:20)
Q.21 Who was Enoch father?
A. Jared (5:18)
Q.22 Who was the firstborn of Enoch?
A. Methuselah (5:21)
Q.23 How old was Enoch when Methuselah was born to him?
A. 65 (5:25)
Q.24 How many years did Enoch walked with God after he begot Methuselah?
A. 300 (5:22)
Q.25 How many years did Enoch lived?
A. 365 years (5:25)
Q.26 Did Adam have daughters?
A. Yes (5:4)
Q.27 “He walked with God, and he was no longer live, for God took him” Whom?
A. Enoch (5:24)
Q.28 Who were the two people walked with God?
A. Enoch and Elijah (5:24, 2 Kings 2:11)
Q.29 Who was the firstborn of Methuselah?
A. Lamech (5:25)
Q.30 How old was Methuselah when Lamech was born to him?
A. 187 (5:28)
Q.30 How many years did Lamech lived after he had begotten Noah?
A. 595 (5:30)
Q.30 How many years did Lamech live?
A. 777 (5:30)
Q.30 Who was the man who had the largest life span?
A. Methuselah (5:27)
Q.30 How many years was the whole lifetime of Methuselah?
A. 769 (5:27)
Q.30 What was the name of Noah’s father?
A. Lamech (5:28)
Q.30 Who were the sons of Noah?
A. Sem, Ham, and Japheth (5:32)

 Questions & Answers
Q. 1. When Did man’s age begin to decrease?
A. From the time of Noah (6:3)
Q.2 Who were the people lived more years than Adam?
A. Jared (962), Methuselah (969), Noah (950) (5:20,27,9:29)
Q.3. To how many years did God decrease man’s days?
A. 120 (6:3)
Q.4. Who were the sons of God’s and Man’s?
A. Heroes of old and the man of renowned (6:4)
Q.5. Who was the man who found favour with Lord?
A. Noah (6:8)
Q.6.Who was said to be a good man and blameless in his age?
A. Noah (8:9)
Q.7. Who led deprived lives on earth?
A. All mortal (6:12)
Q.8 Which was the wood that Noah used to build an ark?
A. Gopher
Q.9. What was the length, width, and height of the ark?
A. 300 cubits, 50 cubits, 30 cubits
Q.10. What was used to cover Noah’s ark inside and out?
A. Pitch (6:14)
Q.11. How many doors did Noah’s ark have?
A.  Only One (6:10)
Q.12. How many decks did Noah’s ark have?
A. 3 (6:11)
 Questions & Answers
Q. 1. How many of the clean animals, male and female, entered in the ark?
A. 7 Pairs (7:1)
Q.2 How many of the unclean animals, male and female, entered into the ark?
A. 7 Pairs (7:2)
Q.3. How many days did it take to begin the flood after Noah and his family had actually entered into the ark?
A. 7 Days (7:10)
Q.4. How old was Noah when the flood began?
A. 600 Years (7:6)
Q.5. When did the fountain of the great abyss open during the time of the flood?
A. In the 600 years of Noah’s life in the 2nd month on the 17th day
Q.6.How many days did it rain during the flood?
A. 40 days and 40 nights (7:12)
Q.7. Who were those went into the ark?
A. Noah and his family (7:7)
Q.8 For how many days during the flood, di the water maintained their crest?
A. One hundred and fifty days (7:24)
Q.9. When were the fountain of the great abyss and the floodgates of the sky opened?
A. During the flood (7:11)
Q.10. Who shut the door of the ark?
A. The Lord (7:16)
Q.11. How many people were there in Noah’s ark?
A.  8 (7:13)
Q.12. How many cubits higher did the were crest rise than the submerged mountain?
A. 15 cubit (7:20)


 Questions & Answers
Q. 1. Whom did God remember?
A. Noah and all the creatures with him (8:1)
Q.2 On which mountain did Noah’s ark rest?
A. Ararat (8:4)
Q.3. Which is the first mentioned mountain in the Bible?
A. Ararat (8:4)
Q.4. When did Noah’s ark rest on the Ararat Mountain?
A. In the 7th month on the 17th day (8:4)
Q.5. When did, the top of the mountain appear?
A. On the 1st day of the 10th month (8:5)
Q.6. After how many days did Noah open the hatch of the ark?
A. 40 days (8:6)
Q.7. Which was the first bird that Noah had sent out from the ark?
A. A raven (8:7)
Q.8 Which was the bird that came with a leaf, having no written things on it?
A. A dove (8:11)
Q.9. Which is the first mentioned bird in the Bible?
A. A raven (8:7)
Q.10. Which were those birds that Noah sent out to see if the waters had lessened on the earth?
A. A raven and a dove (8:7,11)
Q.11. What did the dove bring to show that the water had lessened on the earth?
A.  A plucked-off Olive leaf (8:11)
Q.12. When did, the flood water began to dry up on the earth?
A. In the six hundred and the first year of Noah’s life. (8:13)
Q.13. Who removed the covering of the ark?
A. Noah (8:13)
Q.14. Who built the first altar to the Lord?
A. Noah (8:20)
Q.15. How are the desires of a man learned from the beginning?
A. Evil (8:21)
Q.16. “Never again I will doom the earth” who said so?
A. The Lord (8:22)

                                   Questions & Answers
Q. 1. When did the Lord bless Noah and his family?
A. After the flood (9:1)
Q.2 When did man begin eating flesh?
A. After flood (9:3)
Q.3. Where is the life in the flesh?
A. In the blood (9:4)
Q.4. Who would shed the blood of the one who shed the blood of a man?
A. Man (9:6)
Q.5. What was the sign of the Lord’s covenant with Noah?
A. Rainbow (9:12-13)
Q.6. Who was the father, Canaan?
A. Ham (9:18)
Q.7. Who was the first planter of a vineyard?
A. Noah (9:20)
Q.8 What was Noah?
A. A man of the soil (9:20)
Q.9. What was Noah’s occupation?
A. Cultivation (9:20)
Q.10. Who was the first to drink wine and became drunk?
A. Noah (9:21)
Q.11. Who covered Noah’s nakedness?
A.  His sons, Shem, and Japheth (9:23)
Q.12. Whom did Noah curse to be a servant unto his brothers?
A. Canaan (9:25)
Q.13. How many years did Noah live after the flood?
A. 350 Years (9:28)
Q.14. How many years was Noah’s lifetime?
A. 950 Years (9:28)

                                   Questions & Answers
Q.1. Name of the sons of Japheth?
A. Gomer, Magog, Madai Javan, Tubal, Meshech and Tiras (10:2)
Q.2 Who divided the land of the gentile and lived along the coastland?
A. By Japheth’s sons (10:5)
Q.3. Who were the sons of Ham?
A. Cush, Mizraim Put and Cannon (10:6)
Q.4. Who was Nimrod’s father?
A. Cush (10:8)
Q.5. Who was the first hunter on earth?
A. Nimrod (10:8)
Q.6. Who was a mighty hunter before the land?
A. Nimrod (10:9)
Q.7. Where was the beginning of Nimrod’s kingdom?
A. Babylon, Erech, Akkad, and Calneh, in the island of Shinar (10:10)
Q.8 Which was the city did Nimrod build?
A. Babel (10:10)
Q.9. Which were those cities built by Asshur?
A. Nineveh, Resen, Rehoboth (10:11-12)
Q.10. Which was the first known great city?
A. Resen (10:12)
Q.11. From whom did the Philistines come?
A.  From the son of Mizraim (10:13-14)
Q.12. Who was the firstborn of Canaan?
A. Sidon (10:15)
Q.13. Who was Uz’s father?
A. Aram (10:23)
Q.14. Who was the father Peleg?
A. Eber (10:25)
Q.15. In whom days was the earth divided?
A. In Peleg’s days (10:25)
Q.16. Who was Peleg’s brother?
A. Joktan (10:25)


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