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Monday, November 12, 2018

 Questions & Answers

Q. 1. What did moved upon the face of waters?
A. The Spirit of God (1:2)

Q.2 What was there upon the surface of the deep?

A. Darkness (1:2)

Q.3. In Genesis, what was it that God first spoke of?
A. Light (1:3)
Q.4. Which was the first phenomenon that God saw to be good?
A. Light (1:4)
Q.5. What was the name that God gave to darkness?
A. Night (1:5)
Q.6.What was the name that God gave to light?
A. Day (1:5)
Q.7. What was the name that God gave to the firmament?
A. Heaven (1:8)
Q.8 Where did God make a firmament?
A. In the midst of the water (1:6)
Q.9. When/Which dad God make the firmament?
A. Second Day (1:8)
Q.10. What was the name that God gave to the dry land?
A. Earth (1:10)
Q.11. What is the name that God gave to the gathering together of waters?
A. Seas (1:10) 
Q.12. What kind of trees did God make on the third day?
A. The fruit trees yielding fruit after his kind (1:11)
Q.13. Which was the phenomenon that God used to divide the day from the night?
A. Lights in the firmament (1:14)
Q.14. On which day God made the sun and the moon?
A. 4th Day (1:16)
Q. 15. When/which did God create the great creatures of the sea and the birds?
A. On the 5th the day (1:20-21)
Q.16. When/which day was men and animals created?
A. On the 6th day (1:26-30)
Q.17. Which are those days about which God twice saw to be good?
A. 3rd, 6th (1:10, 12, 25,31)
Q.18 In whose images was the man created?
A. God’s (1:26)
Q.19. Who was given the authority to rule over all creations?
A. Man (1:26)
Q.19. How was a man created as?
A. Male and Female (1:27)

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