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Thursday, February 07, 2019

A Gift of Perfume

A Gift of Perfume

     A Pharisee in Capernaum invited Jesus to a meal, and while he was there a woman came rushing into the house. She had a very bad reputation, and everyone was shocked when she threw herself down at Jesus' feet/She began weeping and crying and wiping her tears away with her own hair.

     "Can't he see what kind of woman this is?" said the guests in horror. Then she took out a jar of perfume, which was very valuable, broke the seal and poured it over his feet. The fragrance filled the whole room as the Pharisees looked on in disbelief. The woman was crying and covering Jesus's feet and ankles with her kisses.
     The host of the banquet, a man named Simon, whispered, if Jesus were a true prophet, he would know what sort of per is touching him like this!

     Jesus turned to him sadly," Simon I came as a guest to your house, but you did no wash the dust off my feet, yet look how this woman is washing me with her tears, you did not greet me with a kiss, but she is covering my feet with my feet with her kisses. You did not offer oil to anoint my hair, but look at how she has poured a whole jar of perfume over me. 

     Simon knew it was true, He had offered none the kind things which were given to travel weary guests in those days, He sat there in embarrassed silence.
She has been forgiven so much, and that is why she loves me so much, Jesus said But if you've one been forgiven a little,
   Simon, you will only love me a little.

      The other Pharisees looked at Jesus with growing anger as he took the woman’s hand Go in peace, now, all your sins are forgiven.
Who is this man who claims to forgive sins/ they said? What right has any man got to say this/ But Jesus ignored them, gazing after the woman as she walked calmly away from the house.

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