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Thursday, April 04, 2019

Genesis...Questions & Answers

 Questions & Answers 
Q.1. Where did the Lord, confused the speech of the world?
A. In Babel (11:9)
Q.2 How many languages were all over the world after the flood have?
A. One language and one speech (11:2)
Q.3. What was the old name of Babel?
A. Shinar (11:2)
Q.4. What was the greatest ambition of man?
A. To build one tower with its top up to the sky (11:4)
Q.5. Who was Shem’s first born?
A. Arphaxad (11:11)
Q.6. Who was Arphaxad’s father?
A. Shem (11:10)
Q.7. Which was the first attempt of man to make a name for themselves?
A. To build up a babel tower (11:4,11)  
Q.8 How old was Shem when Arphaxad was born to him?
A. 100 (11:10)
Q.9. Who was Nahor’s father?
A. Serug (11:22)
Q.10. Who was Nahor’s son?
A. Terah (11:24)
Q.11. How long was Nahor’s lifetime?
A.  119 years (11:25)
Q.12. Who were Abraham’s brothers?
A. Nahor and Haran (11:26)
Q.13. Who was Lot’s father?
A. Haran (11:27)
Q.14. Who has the son died before his father Terah?
A. Haran (11:28)
Q.15. Where did Haran die?
A. In Ur of the Chaldeans (11:28)
Q.16. What was the name of Abraham’s wife?
A. Sarai (11:29)
Q.17. What was the name of Nahor’s Wife?
A. Milcah (11:29)
Q.18.Who was Haran's daughter?
A. Milcah and Iscah (11:29)
Q.16. Which place was Abraham’s native land?
A. Ur (11:31)
Q.16.How long was Tarah’s lifetime?
A. 205 years (11:32)

 Questions & Answers
Q.1. Which was the land that Abraham had to go?
A. The land that the Lord would show him (12:1)
Q.2 Who will curse one who curses Abraham?
A. The Lord (12:3)
Q.3. How old was Abraham when he had left Haran?
A. 75 years (12:4)
Q.4. Which land Lord promised to give Abraham?
A. Canan (12:7)
Q.5. Who were the inhabitants of Canan?
A. The Canaanites (12:7)
Q.6. Where did Abraham build the first alter?
A. At Bethel (12:7)
Q.7. What was the reason behind Abraham’s going down to Egypt?
A. Famine (12:10)
Q.8 Who saw Sarai to as so beautiful woman?
A. The Egyptian (12:14)
Q.9. Who was that prophet’s wife who had to go to Pharaoh’s palace?
A. Sarai (12:15)
Q.10. Who inflicted serious diseases on Pharaoh and his household?
A. The Lord (12:17)


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